The Supremes- Sing Holland–Dozier–Holland

“You Keep Me Hanging On”, “It’s the Same Old Song”, “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave”- classics. Sing Holland–Dozier–Holland a fantastic album! The Supremes, always refreshing and timeless. I fondly remember hearing all sorts of Supremes songs on the oldies station when I was a kid. Theirs was also one of the few cassette tapes … Continue reading The Supremes- Sing Holland–Dozier–Holland

Patti Smith- Easter

Fantastic album! Prime example of Smith's work, with more than it's fair share of classic tracks. "Becasue The Night" is an essential post-punk song. While Easter is no doubt 'commercal,' it maintains enough to be provocative, poetic, and rockin. No shame in deserved hits. Really, very consistent listen all the way through. One of her … Continue reading Patti Smith- Easter

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson- Secrets

Secrets is a fantastic album! One of Gil Scott-Heron's best. While I personally like some of the more spoken-word/poetry slam stylings featured somewhat sparingly more on other albums, these songs are undenyably catchier. "Angel Dust" absolutely deserved to be the radio hit it became. True collaborator Brian Jackson and the rest of the band is … Continue reading Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson- Secrets