“Meat City”- John Lennon

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=43pG6w7kiCs Well, it’s good enough to be lifted from the album to be the single’s b-side. Is that too famous to be a deep cut? Mind Games is one of Lennon’s more enjoyable, though reviews land all across the board. I think it’s pretty good. Closing the record off, though, is one of my favorite … Continue reading “Meat City”- John Lennon

“Let’s Stay Engaged”- The Tragically Hip

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5YHreQK2D2E Trouble At The Henhouse usually elicits mixed responses. "Ahead By A Century", "Springtime In Vienna" and "Gift Shop" are classics. Some might say that makes the album too frontloaded. Overproduced? Maybe at times. Solid, doubtless. To me, there's a real diamond in the rough towards the end. "Let's Stay Engaged" is one of my … Continue reading “Let’s Stay Engaged”- The Tragically Hip

“Darkroom”- Paul McCartney Double Feature

Welcome to the "Darkroom" double feature- both a 365MM Deep Cut Corner and All About The Mixes examination! With all the hype over Paul McCartney's new album, the third self-titled, I considered which song from the previous two I like the most. Sure, there are the obvious classics like "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Coming Up", or … Continue reading “Darkroom”- Paul McCartney Double Feature

“Crazy Feelin’”- Jefferson Starship

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqsJTGFBTNI Can a single be a 'deep cut'? I think so. “Crazy Feelin'” was not a successful single from a beloved album, by any metric. Jefferson Starship had once again reached an impasse as a band and the results were mostly fine, but far from exceptional. Many consider Earth just one of many falls in … Continue reading “Crazy Feelin’”- Jefferson Starship

“Darlin'”- Dead Meadow

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyYNEsTY0fg While The main draw for Three Kings is the live recording and filmed vignettes, my favorite track is the studio cut, "Darlin'". Not only is it not live, but it's also a softer number. Very atypical sound for the band- known for thick, hard-droning, psychedelic-rock. And then here's this sweet little number. Lovely, almost … Continue reading “Darlin'”- Dead Meadow

“Solitude”- Black Sabbath

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmV8niW5GXs "Solitude" is one of my favorite Sabbath songs, and yet it is prehaps the least immediately recognizable. Tucked towards the end of Master of Reality, this haunting number again brilliantly destroys all convention of what the band could sound like. It's actually a very soft number, conjuring impressions of renaissance balladry with guitar, flute, … Continue reading “Solitude”- Black Sabbath