• Marc Almond and The Willing Sinners
  • 1985/12/02- Frankfurt, Germany
  1. Blond Boy
  2. Traumas Traumas Traumas
  3. Your Aura
  4. I Who Never
  5. Unchain My Heart Medley
  6. The House is Haunted
  7. Torment
  8. Stories of Johnny
  9. In My Room
  10. The Room Below
  11. Melancholy Rose
  12. A Woman’s Story
  13. The Boy Who Came Back
  14. Ugly Head
  15. Pink Shack Blues
  16. Love and Little White Lies
  17. The Flesh is Willing

This is possibly the best Willing Sinners-era recording! Late ‘85; midway through their tenure, great variety of material from what would be all their releases, nice rarities, and best of all- fantastic performances recorded expertly! Truly amazing. Must have for Marc Almond fans!


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