I’ll admit- I love girl group pop from the 2000’s. Towards the end of the decade especially, there was quite a vaiety of both established and new artists. Very fertile pop ground, at least to my tastes. I came across The Saturdays when looking up what other music producer Xenomania had a hand in after the Minogue’s, Cher, and Girls Aloud. Que up their fist single, “If This Is Love”.

Amazing! I’m definately in for the Sat’s. – got the rest of their albums. Overall, good. Oh yeah, that is a Yazoo sample (“Situation”)! Their style does make some changes along the way, and my appreciation definately decreases over their carreer (oddly enough, more with the material later on when Xenomania does colaborate). Still, I’m glad I sought out their singles’ remixes, etc. Some actually improve on already excellent earlier tunes, as well. Compare the music video above, with the Moto Blanco Club Mix-

Again, my preference entirely. But this remix accomplishes the rare feat of making me dance with joy, everytime.

Hope The Saturdays reform at some point. It would be nice to hear them together again, because they are a great pop group!

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