• Bruce Hornsby
  • 1996/05/06- Atlanta, GA
  1. Hot House Ball
  2. Spider Fingers
  3. White Wheeled Limousine >
  4. Fields of Gray >
  5. Under The Boardwalk
  6. Stranded on Easy Street
  7. Sugaree
  8. Rainbow’s Cadillac >
  9. Walk In The Sun
  10. Another Day
  11. The Show Goes On
  12. Long Tall Cool One
  13. Drunken Hiccups >
  14. Western Skyline >
  15. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  16. Across The River
  17. Valley Road
  18. Jumpin’ Jack Flash >
  19. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry >
  20. Mystery Train >
  21. Space Captain
  22. Mandolin Rain
  23. Cruise Control

Hornsby is a fantastic artist and I’m always delighted to come across a live recording. This concert doesn’t disappoint either. Great playing, song selections and soundboard no less. Enjoy!


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