Dead link, brought back to life by request!

  • David Sylvian
  • 1995/11/07- Toronto, Canada

1. The Boy with the Gun
2. Red Guitar
3. Brilliant Trees
4. Jean the Birdman
5. Orpheus
6. Weathered Wall
7. Every Colour You Are
8. I Do Nothing
9. It’ll Never Happen Again
10. Maria
11. Damage
12. September
13. Under Ingrid’s Wheels
14. Blackwater
15. Before the Bullfight
16. Ghosts
17. Waterfront
18. Let the Happiness In
19. The First Day
20. Earthbound – Starblind
21. Pulling Punches

This is an amazing accoustic performance! Must have for fans of Sylvian. He is in fine form, as always, and delivers the great selection of songs unimaginably soulfully with the sparsest accompanyment. Magical.

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