• David Sylvian
  • 2003/10/13- Brussels, Cirque Royal
  1. Blemish
  2. The Good Son
  3. The Only Daughter
  4. The Heart Knows Better – She is Not
  5. Late Night Shopping
  6. How Little We Need to be Happy
  7. A Fire in the Forest
  8. The Other Side of Life
  9. When Poets Dreamed of Angels – Cries and Whispers
  10. The Shining of Things
  11. Blue Skinned Gods
  12. Praise
  13. Maria
  14. Wasn’t I Joe
  15. World Citizen
  16. Jean the Birdman

Today, the always fascinating David Sylvian! Not sure about the line-up. While it’s him solo acoustic often, there’s some electric atmospheric elements and drums in others. It really captures his studio sound well for a live setting. I also love the album Blemish of which this tour supported. It contains some of his best compositions, solo or in Japan. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “David Sylvian 2003/10/13- Brussels, Cirque Royal

  1. Under ‘More in 365musicmusings’ two of your reposts appeared. I thought, maybe I’ll start with the 1988 concert. Too late! he cried. (The Toronto 1995 one seems to have gone too. Of course that’s all fine – I understand the storage problem and the annoyance of fossickers delving into the archive).

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    1. 🌧 Cloud storage dissipating into the internet ether. Mp3 files fleeting like flowers. Smell them quick before they die! 😂 Sylvian is brilliant- I’ll repost them for you soon. If memory serves, the ‘88 show is superb!

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