• Led Zeppelin
  • Pure Blues (1970/03/21- Vancouver)
  1. Heartbreaker
  2. Thank You/What Is and What Should Never Be
  3. Communication Breakdown/Ramble On
  4. We’re Gonna Groove
  5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  6. Whole Lotta Love

Today’s my birthday, and here’s something that’s special to me, for you!

Picture this: years ago, I’d just moved into my first apartment. Ancient, tiny place, with a door in an alley. One of my first days off after moving in, I was having coffee on my own stoop and enjoying a cup of coffee. Something caught my eye- a box of abandoned vinyl records that didn’t make it into the garbage. At the time, I had my first cheap turntable and maybe only a dozen or so albums. I pounced on this box so quickly. Must have doubled my collection right there. I flipped through my haul; pretty good condition, some classical, a Santana album I hadn’t heard, ugh- a Christmas album?

And one record without a sleeve. Yellow label, “P.B. Live. Recorded Live- Pure Blues.” Ok. The most generic thing ever, right? I threw it on for a spin. A few crackles, then the music blasted.

Zeppelin! So happy. I love Led Zeppelin, and they were a major part of what I listened to heavily at the time. Then it made sense- I’d found a bootleg!

And what a bootleg! I did a little research, and discovered that what I had was an early but fairly common recording- Vancouver, March 3rd, 1970. It went by several different names/variants over the years (“Pb”, “Mudslide”, etc.) and wasn’t even the complete concert.

But it was more than the record information. It’s a great perfromance, and I’ve played it loud, now more times than I can count. I marveled at the rare appearance of “We’re Gonna Groove”. I had my best friends come around and rock out with me. Before then, I’d read about and downloaded a few easily accessible bootlegs, but most of my time was buying official releases. To actually hold something like this in my hands really helped open a musical world for me. It was a tiny taste of something so rich and vast, that’s a love evolving, consuming limitlessly.

This blog wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this bootleg.

I think this is my old needledrop. Might not be, since over the years I’ve changed computers, file organization, and accumulated several different upgraded versions of many old boots. Even if it isn’t, it’s the context. So, please download and celebrate with me. Birthdays aren’t really important, but sharing good times with people is. Hopefully today, that’s “Pure Blues”.


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