Ah, Atomic Kitten. I have mixed feelings about the group. I really like their faster, new-disco oriented dance songs, but their ballads range from bland to truly cringe inducing. Generally my sentiment with a lot of pop girl groups, regardless of era. That dichotomy is very much inherent on Feels So Good, their second album.

What makes the album even harder to review, is the fact that the peaks are actually excellent. “Love Won’t Wait”, “Feels So Good”, “Be With You”, “Baby Don’t U Hurt Me”, and “So Hot” are truly fantastic! Thats a third of the album I’d honestly give perfect ratings for. That’s no small accomplishment. The band, including newcomer Jenny Frost, deliver to a ‘T’. Though their participation waned as they left during the project, band founders Andy McCluskey and Stuart Kershaw (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) have to be commended for writing many of the songs. The title track is even donated from the one and only Kylie Minogue and colaborator Steve Anderson! Coupled with a whole slew of producers, there is a lot of talent that shaped this record.

Then, there’s the other side of the coin. A good half or the remaining tracks are just ‘ok.’ There’s a pedestrian cover of “The Tide Is High” and a lot of very average songs. “Softer the Touch” almost pulls above, but not quite. Most are innofensive, just very bland. My two least favorites are “Walking on the Water” and “No One Loves You (Like I Love You).” Not at all good in my opinion.

Does that all average out? A passing ‘C’ grade? No, I still give this album a strong recommendation. Sure, there are definately a few songs to skip, but few albums don’t. Though not all of the pieces come together like they could, Atomic Kitten often taps into pop just right. This is very fun music! It’s supremely catchy and makes you want to dance. Pop at it’s best. Admittedly, not start to finish, but when you find yourself replaying songs because they’re just that good, I think it substitutes for the the stinkers elsewhere.

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