Picked this up an a whim, and I’m very glad I did!

Truth be told, I’m generally not a fan of foreign-language music. That probably sounds ignorant and I’m sure I’m missing out on contless fantastic music. I just find it hard getting into a song when I can’t understand the lyrics. That doesn’t mean I wont take someone’s recommendation from the genre or sample occasionally myself.

This neat little compilation is a lovely selection of Spanish psych-rock/pop. Some lighter than others, some better than others of course but really fantastic finds. Other than speaking a foreign language, this music has all the hallmarks of the English spaking counterparts. Without the lyrics, you might think you were listening to The Byrds, The Beatles, really take your pick from any of the mid-to-late sixties groups you’re more likely to know. Not to just imitate, however, there are plenty of cultural touches that make this music unique.

Highly recommended!

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