“Mrs. Robinson” is an iconic song. If it had been the only thing Simon and Garfunkel had done, they would still be revered. These heavyweights bring a lot to the fight with catchy lyrics and classic jangle. The contender? The alt-rock band The Lemonheads. I have to admit, their cover is a lot of fun. It’s kind of goofy but with a harder edge. Is it a knock-out? No. I still like S&G’s original better. I think my issue is that the two are too similar. Evan Dando and co. should have differentiated themselves a bit more to gain an upper hand. Still nice to see their take- makes me want to check out some more of their music!

3 thoughts on ““Mrs. Robinson”- Simon & Garfunkel VS The Lemmonheads

  1. I’d probably agree. A cover has to add something, doesn’t it?
    Today, I was listening (on phones while walking) to 801’s fabulous imagining of Tomorrow Never Knows (which they call TNK). Fabulous. Normally, it’s the original tho’.

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    1. Agreed! Funny you mentioned the 801- I was just listening to their “Listen Now” album yesterday. Good stuff! All of their covers on the “Live” album are worthy too but not exceeding.

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