As it happened, my last Bond post came out on the same day it was announced that No Time To Die would be delayed yet again. April 2021, I believe. I don’t blame the company. I don’t think we should be opening theaters etc. while we clearly don’t have anywhere near a handle on Covid-19. I don’t like these measures any more than anyone else, but it is a global pandemic. To get through, we all have to take things seriously for everyone’s sake. On this specific decision, I personally would rather have paid to see it digitally on-demand now.

For the blog’s Bond Themes retrospective I considered spacing out these last few over the now extended wait. Might be kinda odd and just as disassociated as not though, I contend. So, I’ll just finish these off close to the original time frame countdown to Thanksgiving. Maybe do a condensed recap whenever the movie is finally released? We’ll see.

So, Die Another Day. The end of another era and actor. Brosnan isn’t as bad as his Band take is made out to be though. I would have liked to see him bow out in a good entry. Unfortunately, this isn’t. The franchise certainly needed a rest instead. This isn’t a good movie by any measure.

What about the credits? The song? Those are often memorable even if the movie itself isn’t. Not this time! I’m sure there are many Madonna fans who’ll vehemently disagree with me, but this theme is terrible. I don’t hate pop or dance music by any means, but I’ve never really liked hers. The few tunes I don’t mind are far and few between, and 2002 is mostly past her prime. Just ugly chopped, electronic vocals, very unimaginative lyrics. No thanks. The proverbial cherry topper for me.

While visuals and plot of the credits I do have to partially acknowledge. Unusually, they continue, in surreal montage, the plot of the movie from the teaser and into the next scene. Using the themes of Bond’s capture and torture is different and exciting. On the other hand, you can make the case that those developments are too neatly covered in this way and a more daring movie would have explored that more. Would they hold more emotional sway and not cheapen the consequences later? Absolutely. Was that a risk the filmmakers were willing to take in 2002? Nope. Fortunately, they would next time.

Bond Themes Retrospective will return in- Casino Royale!

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