I have a handfull of Squeeze albums on the recommendation of a co-worker. To be honest, I’ve never really warmed up to them. Argybargy is the best of the lot I’ve heard (with a few songs I’d say are almost great), but it’s still only an above average listen for me. Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti falls below that line by a fair margin.

What turns me off the most is the production. It’s way too cold and slick contemporary-pop-oriented for my taste. Maybe a product of it’s time, but no more palitable. Then there’s Glenn Tillbrook’s singing. I can see what he’s going for at the best of times, but I’m not really a fan. It also doen’t help that the weaker songs are front-loaded. That’s not to say side ‘B’ is extraordinary, but simply less actively annoying.

Highlights? “Break My Heart”. That sounds like a good song from the better band Japan. I’m sure that sounds like a backhanded complement though. Uh, I like the cover art, I suppose. Unfortunately, I really do struggle to enjoy much here.

Not recommended.

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