Strange as it might sound, this is the first Bond film I saw in the theater. Twenty-two years ago. Even odder to think that I probably won’t go to the theater to see No Time To Die when it finally comes out later this year. Interesting time we’re living in. (For the record: unless the pandemic takes a surprisingly positive turn real soon, I plan on pre-odering a few blu-rays of No Time To Die to support the movie. Give a few to like-minded friends and family who also would have ordinarily gone out to see it.)

Anyway, back in 1999, I’d seen all the previous movies on VHS, but the big screen experience really is something else. There truly is spectacle and awe!

Though there are some issues keeping The World Is Not Enough from being perfect, I like it a lot. One of the issues is definately not the theme/credits. Garbage is one of my favorite bands and they do a fantastic job here! Not only is it epic, mysterious, and adventurous for a Bond Theme, but it also fits into the Garbage world just as well. The visuals are splendid and eye-catching! All that oil and rainbows, the textures… very cool.

It might be tinged and elevated by nostalgia, but this is one of my all-time favorite Bond movies. No shame from me.

Bond Themes Retrospective will return in- Die Another Day

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