Solid dub album from one of the classic pairings of the genre. I wouldn’t even be tempted to say it’s a classic, but a good listen, probably average.

Perry gets a lot of deserved credit, and the production here generally as good as ever. Still, compared to other works from around the same time also with The Upsetters, there are definate lulls to be found. Several cuts are definately filler or should have ben consigned as just effects play towards developing a better song. To me when it comes to dub, mediocrity is a big detractor when it comes to apraising album as a whole.

There are a few standouts as well. Not being a big fan of his singing, I was surprised to find the cover of “Tell Me Something Good” to be great! Comical, for sure, but fun and what I remember from the album the most. Very distinctive. Almost what I’d consider an essential track. I also like “Crab Yars”, an interesting groove/soundscape. Worth a listen for sure.

Not the first dub or Perry album I’d recommend, but also far from the worst. Ultimately, unless you are an avid collector of dub or Perry, you can skip this one in lieu of better records. Maybe download the tracks I mentioned for a playlist.

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