Volume 055: Play It Cool, Oscillator
Visual Artist: Andrew Kryzstek
March 2020

Custom die-cut jacket that transforms into a 3D pyramid
Artwork covering every square inch of the jacket, inside and out
Die-cut center labels
Transparent vinyl with glow-in-the-dark splatter
Lyrics & art sheet
Intro letter

A1: BB Normal – “Baseball”
A2: Soft Tiger – “Jungle”
A3: Misty Mtn – “Silver”
A4: Rainlights – “Say It”
A5: Le Module – “I’ve Lost Centre”
A6: Chewing – “POB 002

B1: Electric Kif – “St Germain”
B2: Ferrari Garden – “Bridge”
B3: Knight One – “A Little of You”
B4: Tuarrah – “Almost Invisible”

This is a crazy design for the record. Probably my favorite presentation overall. Not only dows the jacket fold into a three-dimensional, interactive shape (pyramid and kudos to Andrew Kryzstek), but the record’s white splatter on clear actually glows green in the dark! Amazing!

The music? Pretty good! Nice mix of classy electronic/indie/pop/psych (ish). My favorite tracke were “Baseball”, “Jungle”, and “St Germain”. A few of the tracks lost me a bit with the vocals (Tuarrah and Le Module), though simply not to my taste, and not embarassing or bad enough to make my skip- interesting instrumentation/production to hear, though I won’t be searching out more of their work any ime soon.

Volume 055: Play It Cool, Oscillator is definately a winner. I really liked some of the music and the packaging was top-rate. Subjectively, this might be my favorite record from Vinyl Moon. Still have a few more installments to review, so ’till next time!

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