Neil Young 1971/02/27- London

Neil Young 1971/02/27- London 1. On The Way Home 2. Tell Me Why 3. Old Man 4. Journey Through The Past 5. Cowgirl In The Sand 6. The Bridge 7. The Loner 8. Don’t Let It Bring You Down 9. See The Sky About To Rain 10. Out On The Weekend 11. I Am A … Continue reading Neil Young 1971/02/27- London

“Stay This Way”- Kylie Minogue For being a star with so many hits, Kylie inexplicably seems to have just as many deep cuts! How deep could this be, you might ask? It originates from sessions from her fantastic yet woefully unsuccessful Impossible Princess. It might not have made that album, but it managed to make it onto the Hits+ album. … Continue reading “Stay This Way”- Kylie Minogue

“Jam>Drums>Space”- Grateful Dead, 1994/06/13- Seattle Ah, Seattle '94. June 13th really is one of their last great shows. Here's one of the many great bits- a fantastic little jam! After a very nice 'Terrapin', this jam emerges, twisting and twinkling. After a few minutes, the of the 'Rhythm Devils' takes control. It's a good half hour from a very … Continue reading “Jam>Drums>Space”- Grateful Dead, 1994/06/13- Seattle