Today’s Jam Highlight is a bit different. Instead of exploring the joy of a single jam, heres a long compilation of jams.

Since I have *almost* a million things I have to focus-work on today, I decided to throw on some background music. Most of the time, I abhor the connotations of ‘background music’, and for the record- I’ve already heard the complete recordings that this edit is taken from. I realize jam isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and an admittedly long compilation like this is bound to scare away even more.

This is around 4.5 hours of jam-only from Phish’s amazing Japan 2000 tour. A few of these show are among their best, and the run is an apex of their ambient era. A personal favorite of mine, I must add!

So, maybe you have a long, busy day around the house or in the office and want something on, but not distracting? Give this a chance. Phish might surprise you!

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