The Velvet Underground
1993/07/07- Asiago, Milano

1. We´re Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together
2. Sweet Jane
3. Femme Fatale
4. Venus In Furs
5. Some Kinda Love
6. All Tomorrow´s Parties
7. I´m Sticking With You
8. Beginning To See The Light
9. The Gift
10. I Heard Her Call My Name
11. Afterhours
12. Heroin
13. White Light/white Heat
14. Rock´n´roll
15. Waiting For My Man
16. Pale Blue Eyes
17. What Goes On
18. Coyotes
19. Guess I´m Falling In Love
20. Hey Mr. Rain

I have very mixed feelings about The Velvet Underground’s reunion. Reed has his angry shouting voice in this era. The playing is good, and there are rare selections. Nico, while not  part of the band for their entire run, had recently died. Now, these performances are pretty much the capstone on the band. Here’s a concert from the tour as a snapshot, to be enjoyed for what it is.!Hs8AUaBb!QRAAqmBXadK2btfTCJsYBg

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