Elton John
1982/07/25- Saratoga

1. Funeral For A Friend-Love Lies Bleeding
2. All The Young Girls Love Alice
3. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
4. Better Off Dead
5. Ball And Chain
6. Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)
7. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
8. The Bitch Is Back
9. Pinball Wizard
10. Ticking
11. Chloe
12. Band Intro
13. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
14. Rocket Man
15. Bennie And The Jets
16. Teacher I Need You
17. Dear John
18. Your Song
19. Saturday Nightns Alright (For Fighting)
20. Daniel
21. Crocodile Rock

The eighties aren’t as highly regarded as far as John’s studio output is concerned. Live, he’s always rockin’! Here’s a concert from his ‘Jump Up Tour’, which features a fine set chock-full of classics, and just a few contemorary choices which go down just as well. Enjoy!

Elton John 1982/07/25- Saratoga

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