Jerry Garcia
1979/03/07- San Rafael, CA

1. tuning
2. Lovely Night for Dancing
3. Sama Layuca
4. I Just Wanna Stop
5. Another Star
6. Do I Move You?
7. Struggling Man
8. Long Train Runnin’
9. tuning
10. Don’t It Make It Better
11. Soul Roach
12. What You Won’t Do for Love
13. Welcome to the Basement
14. Ain’t That Lovin’ You
15. Lyinda

Here’s an era of solo Garcia that doesn’t get a lot of love, but is really fantastic- 1979. The band here only lasted the year and 60 known concerts. Not really Garcia’s side band, Reconstruction was formed by John Kahn and included Merl Saunders, Gaylord Birch, Ron Stallings, and Ed Neumeister.

These are fantastically funky performances! Makes it even more of a shame they couldn’t continue without a permanent Garcia presence. The guitarwork is pretty mind-melting though, so it’s kinda understandable. Still…imagine if they had been able to continue into the eighties, especially with Garcia special guesting. Could’a been great, but I’m glad for the tapes they left behind. Enjoy!

Jerry Garcia 1979/03/07- San Rafael, CA

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