Shirley Bassey returns for a record third theme! “Moonraker” doesn’t quite reach the glorious heights of either “Diamonds Are Forever” nor “Goldfinger”, but works nicely regardless.

Moonraker does push the idea of what a Bond movie can be a bit far. Does it break it? No. It is ridiculous, but in ways that are more enjoyable than The Man With The Golden Gun or some future entries. Part of that is down to style. Take the credits sequence for example; very smooth and glossy. Nothing particularly new, but color schemed and constructed well. Luxurious enough to smooth over any nagging doubts of enjoyment over quality. This is an impressive film. ‘Bond in space’ is done pretty much perfectly here. A very good, though odd, entry in the cannon.

Bond Themes Retrospective will return with- For Your Eyes Only

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