This is a great album from a great musician. I’m not a huge fan of folk, but this definately hits the spot when I’m in the mood. The songs range from lamented love to nature without being too preachy or goofy. The music is minimal solo accoustic guitar strumming, the occasional banjo breakdown, or flute accent, and accompanies Seeger’s excelent story-singing very well.

I’ll also say that that God Bless The Grass is a fine album to listen to in its entirety without the sound becoming too similar. Within the relatively limited playbox here, there’s plenty variation to enjoy! If I had to single out a few of my favorite tracks, I’d have to go with the moving “Pretty Saro”, the majestic “70 Miles”, and the patriotic “My Land Is a Good Land”. If you need to sample, check those out to convince you to get the rest of the album.

I only have a CD re-issue, which contains a trio of bonus tracks. Two of which are less than a minute in length, and none are what I’d call essential or add that much at all. So, if you see a vinyl copy or older version, don’t feel like you need to pay more for the newer version. Any will do, but don’t pass it by, for sure!

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