Vinyl Moon Vol. 054: Sunray Surfaces

A1: Ackerman – “84 Palms”
A2: Margot Polo – “Let’s Get Out”
A3: Shangri-La Kids – “Ark”
A4: Laveda – “Better Now”
A5: HOONCH – “Better In You”

B1: HOAX – “Unamerican Dream
B2: All The Rest – “Our Youth”
B3: MONOGEM – “So Many Ways”

Design (Visual Artist: André Pereira)

Tip-on style gatefold jacket with gold foil accents and spot UV gloss
Leaf window cling inserts
Die-cut center labels
Translucent violet blob in milky white vinyl
Lyrics & art sheet
Intro letter

Unfortunately, due to the percarious state of expenses/income right now, I’m having to cut off most non-essential purchases. Vinyl Moon has been a real treat every month, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to continue it after my pre-paid year is up. All good things…

Fortunately, I still do have a few installments left to look forward to. So, while the getting’s still good, let’s get onto the review for “Sunray Surfaces”!

Overall, good, not my favorite though. There are several songs in the whiney-indie vein that is not to my taste (Ackerman – “84 Palms”, All The Rest – “Our Youth”) and a rapped song, BVRGER – “CHOP CHOP”, which isn’t really my go-to genre either. None were absolutely terrible- listenable, but not something I’ll examine further.

My favorite song from the album has to be “So Many Ways”. Really great. Gonna have to see if the rest of MONOGEM’s work holds up as well.

The other tracks are solid, but not particularly noteworthy either way.

I do like the packaging/design, but on the other hand it isn’t as radical or eye-popping as some of the others that have come before. Window cling leaves? Eh. The drawings, especially chameleon inside are fun. The best element does have to be the pleasing vinyl coloring. Very beautiful! I can’t say I have another colored disc that looks like this.

Is the theme cohesive? I do think that the music holds up well together as a compilation, even if I didn’t love each track individually. Connected to the artwork and title? I can’t exactly agree. At least it isn’t clashing, I guess?

Well, that about wraps it up for “Sunray Surfaces”. Solid. Looking forward to #55!

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