George Harrison






Really, years ago, I never would have imagined I’d have such a hard time deciding a winner between a former Beatle and, well, anyone really. And Ween? That weird band? Haha! But here we are, in the weird year of 2020 with exactly that confrontation on this installment of “Song Wars”!

“All Things Must Pass” is George Harrison’s definitive solo song. It’s a classic. I might waver now and then about the production, the swelling orchestration sometimes seeming bombastically at odds with the tender vocals, but it works. Conversely, I could have featured an accoustic performance to fight on the same level as Ween’s cover. In the end, would it matter?

I think many people would line Harrison’s side simply on prestige. It is his song. It is a magnificent song! How could you cheer against a Beatle?

Because Ween, that’s why. They get it. They embrace the song. They fill the spiritual and sonic essence so perfectly. I think in this match, Harrison would applaud the loudest and call for a draw.

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