Patti Smith 1996/08/01- Hamburg

Patti Smith 1996/08/01- Hamburg 1. Wing 2. People Have the Power 3. Dancing Barefoot 4. Summer Cannibals 5. The Wicked Messenger 6. Ghost Dance 7. Beneath the Southern Cross 8. Redondo Beach 9. Free Money 10. About a Boy 11. The Crystal Ship 12. When Doves Cry - Ain’t it Strange 13. Wild Leaves 14. … Continue reading Patti Smith 1996/08/01- Hamburg

“Say So” My wife recently introduced my to the music of Doja Cat. While I don't really follow modern hip-hop, I'm always open to good music, and I have to be honest- this defiantely caught my ear! The rap in the middle is not my favorite. At first, I thought it ruined the song. Everything else … Continue reading “Say So”

“Please Stay”- Kylie Minogue

"Please Stay" is one of my favorite Kylie songs! Amazingly, the remixes are also consistently excellent as well as diverse. Let's check 'em out! The album/single was fortunate to get a video. Of course it's luxurious to match! The first official remix is 7th District Club Flava Mix. I absolutely love how different it … Continue reading “Please Stay”- Kylie Minogue

Various Artists- Rubble 3: Nightmares In Wonderland

Rubble is a fantastic series that compiles forgotten songs from the psychedelic rock era. There's a lot of material gathered across its 20+ entries, and with the nature of the project, not every track is going to be to everyone's taste. Personally, I thought Nightmares In Wonderland was ok, but probably one of the weaker … Continue reading Various Artists- Rubble 3: Nightmares In Wonderland