1993 Soundchecks

1. Miss You > (1993/04/09- Minneapolis, MN)
2. Reggae Jam (1993/04/29- Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
3. Tales of Brave Ulysses -> Sunshine of Your Love (1993/03/14- Gunnison, CO)
4. L.A. Woman (1993/04/17- Ann Arbor, MI)
5. I Can See For Miles > (1993/04/17- Ann Arbor, MI)
6. Misty Mountain Hop (1993/03/19- Redlands, CA)
7. Leprechaun (1993/08/24- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
8. Jam (1993/08/24- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
9. Shock the Monkey -> (1993/08/17- Kansas City, MO)
10. Guy Forget (1993/02/22- Tallahassee, FL)
11. Odd Couple Jam (1993/05/01- Philadelphia, PA)
12. Bang a Gong (1993/03/19- Redlands, CA)

’93 is not only a great year for Phish, but also features fantastic soundchecks! Really, revisiting the year a little bit, I noticed I have more soundchecks from this year than a lot of others. A lot of bands use the pre-show time just getting in tune, or running through a song or two from their forthcoming set. Usually, or depending on your fandom, they’re either worthless or of little interest. While Phish does this too, they also utilize the time by loosening up with some sweet covers and crazy jams!

Here’s a lil compilation for you, collecting some of the most surprising, prime cuts. Featuring: covers of The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Doors, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, T.Rex, and even a jam based on The Odd Couple theme by Neal Hefti! Yeah, isn’t that some variety? Interesting song choices; their inspirations through a few genres, but for the most part, not selections that would be developed further afterwards. While both The Who and Rolling stones would be the focus of their own Halloween shows, neither albums covered contained the songs here.

Even though I just spent a great deal here explaining the covers, Phish is not a tribute act, and of course this isn’t just an album deicated to other artists. Though only 4 tracks are originals, they bloom magnificently over about half the run-time. “Guy Forget” and “Leprechaun” are also true rarities, being performed just a few times. Good songs, too!

Well, hope you enjoy!

Phish- 1993 Soundchecks

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