Unfortunately, both the film and the theme are a bit of a step down, not just from the obvious hights of the previous entry, but of most everything that came before. There are fun bits to both, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone objectively defending.

Lulu does a fair job and the instrumentation is fine, but it’s something of a goofy song. Sorta plain credits sequence. I guess that’s fitting, because the movie itself is pretty goofy. This is what Austin Powers derives the majority of its material from. Sure, you can point to Dr. Evil and some of the set pieces as direct homages to the 1960s, but The Man With The Golden Gun is how Myers’ movies feel. Don’t get me wrong- I love the Austin Powers films! For James Bond? Not so much.

Bond Themes Retrospective will return with- The Spy Who Loved Me.

5 thoughts on “Bond Themes Retrospective- The Man With The Golden Gun

    1. What a coincidence you just rewatched! Random selection, or are you going through the Bond films particularly? Good point on Adams, too.

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