Should probably lay down a few explanations for this new category!

I decided on a dedicated space to explore mixes. Might be focusing on different atrists’ remixes of a particular song, might be the subtle differences between the mono and stereo mixes of the same album. Dub versions? Sure. Different masterings? Yeah. I think thats quite a bit of room to play around with, lots to engage with.

Today, Deborah Harry’s “I Want That Man”

That’s the LP/7″ version from what is a pretty good album.

The video edit, which is pretty much the same, but a slight edit.

Then there’s the 12″ Remix. Longer, obviously, and more dancey, bassey interplay lead-in

The instrumental

The Remix Edit- contains some of the heavier 12″ aspects, but more concise

That’s it for the original authorized mixes. Not all that much difference, save the dancier aspect/lengths. Personally, I think the best is probabally the Remix edit.

Here’s a few other remixes I found too! More modern, and clubby if you’re into that (I rather like the Almighty Definitive Mix).

So, hope you enjoyed this inaugural edition of ALL ABOUT THE MIXES! There’s not all that much to discuss for this one, but drop a comment if you have a favorite version of this song, or if you hate the song in all its forms, haha!

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