I have a few of Ghostland Observatory’s earlier albums which are really good, and was even fortunate enough to be able to catch them live for a fantastic show! When I heard they were coming out with a new album, I was stoked. While quite a few reviews I happened to catch at the time this album was released were glowing, I just can not agree with them.

See You Later Simulator is not good. Nearly everything that made the band interesting in the past is smoothed over and comercialized. Even though the music is generally speedy, I found myself quite bored for long stretches at a time, itching to skip to the next song. Where their music used to be interesting, electronica cliches now abound. It also doesn’t help that the vocals, perhaps their most defining aspect, are now deeply burried.

I can’t explain the wide margin of difference between other reviewers’ taste and my own, but I am not a fan. Get one of their earier albums instrad.

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