Jerry Garcia
1976/02/14- Berkeley, CA

1. I Second That Emotion
2. tuning
3. They Love Each Other
4. tuning
5. I Want to Tell You
6. Russian Lullaby
7. Tore Up over You
8. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
9. After Midnight
10. Mystery Train
11. tuning
12. Moonlight Mile
13. How Sweet It Is
14. Sitting in Limbo
15. A Strange Man
16. tuning
17. Catfish John

I don’t celebrate today, but in the spirit of things, here’s a beautiful Valentine’s Day JGB concert. 1976 is one of my favorite years for Jerry Garcia Band, and this performance is sublime! Well, mostly sublime; “I Want to Tell You” is something of a lyrical trainwreck. They keep it together, though, and you can feel the comradery as they do. Like singing along with old friends but messing up the words!

During Grateful Dead’s touring hiatus, members kept busy, none more so than Garcia. Incorporating Keith and Donna Godchaux along side existing members John Kahn and Ron Tutt, Garcia’s side band florished! This era took its time luxuriantly performing some of the most beautiful and truly affecting versions both of Garcia’s perenial solo repertoire and some ture rarities.!HOohnBSb!NTxQxafirrlvbrrB7uFqcQ

If you’re on the same wavelenth with me about ’76 JGB, check out this compilation I made a while featuring this material.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy!

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