Marc Almond
2010/06/09- London Jazz Cafe

1. Intro-Piano Medley
2. Bread and Circus
3. Tears Run Rings
4. Open All Night
5. Najinski Heart
6. Trials of Eyeliner
7. The Exhibitionist
8. Cabaret Clown/Bread and Circus
9. Variety
10. Jacky
11. Brilliant Creatures
12. Sleaze-Walk on the Wild Side
13. Black Kiss
14. Joey Domento
15. Tainted Love
16. Bedsitter
17. Run like the Devil

Briliant audience recording! Lots of life nicely balanced, to my ears at least. Almond and the band are in fine form as usual. The setlist is a great mix of everything from hits, favorites, deep cuts, and through to his then-current album. Enjoy!!yX4liYID!yVhvvFq5Y1nrCxw1FW5Scw

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