I picked up this album based solely on the artwork. It’s fantastic, right? I’m always down to take a chance on music if the cover is interesting, and this time didn’t let me down. Hollie Cook is fantastic!

“Lunar Addiction” is my favorite track from the album, though it is solid from start to finish. Vessel of Love really has a wonderfully cohesive production. At times, the songs do blend perhaps too much, but the instrumentation, singing, and lyricism definately hold up.

The mark of good music, especially from what amounts to an impulse purchase like this, is the feeling of having consumed the material and being both satiated and wanting more. I think it’s a hard balance to get right sometimes. This is spot on. I quickly collected the rest of her music (2 albums, a dub remix album, and a few singles).

Now, I feel Vessel of Love is my least favorite release of hers. All the more interesting it was my first and still so enjoyed!

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