Bond Themes Retrospective- Thunderball The definitive Bond theme? Maybe! Soulful, bombastic, mysterious, exciting, what more could you want? Tom Jones really hits it out of the park. The visuals, though simple, are bright and fun. Underwater will probably never become less exotic and adventurous. "Thunderball" is definately one for the ages! Bond Themes Retrospective will return with- You Only … Continue reading Bond Themes Retrospective- Thunderball

Adele 2011/02/04- Philadelphia, PA

Adele 2011/02/04- Philadelphia, PA 1. Make You Feel My Love 2. Turning Tables 3. Don't You Remember 4. Chasing Pavements 5. Someone Like You 6. Rolling In The Deep Hello! Short but nice, stripped-down set. Great listen. Hope you enjoy!!6LxjxAxK!3MuK-wBTIGu7BthZK-Gmgw

Bond Themes Retrospective- Goldfinger Though the credits design obviously builds from the projected elements of previous films, the song itself is infinitesimally stronger. Shirley Bassey is vocally amazing, the lyrics written by John Barry are clever, and the production from George Martin is beyond reproach. Great song, just like the rest of the movie! So far, I’m really … Continue reading Bond Themes Retrospective- Goldfinger

Bond Themes Retrospective- From Russia With Love Nice progression for film #2. The credits are a tasteful instrumental vesion of the song written by Lionel Bart and sung elswhere by Matt Monro. The projected credits become a returning motif that fits the series well, I think. The credits might be boring by today's standards, but the actual film is anything but! … Continue reading Bond Themes Retrospective- From Russia With Love