This is one of the first Sun Ra albums I picked up. I was a bit taken back by how restrained it sounded in comparison to later albums I had first listened to. Ra’s career is a long and interesting journey with lots of surprising changes in sound and approach. This era (1959) is still relatively early on, conventional, and very sophisticated.

While I do gravitate towards the wilder or more avante-garde periods of Sun Ra, I do have a soft spot for Jazz in Silhouette. It is the earliest albums of Sun Ra I routinely listen to.  Maybe it’s because I heard and appreciated it when I was truly getting deeper into jazz past the main names. Maybe it’s just great! Whatever it is, from the first note, the music opens up intricate but smooth and swinging ’till the end.

I don’t think the compositions are particularly innovative, but they are perfect! Truly timeless music that should be appreciated. Highly recommended.

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