A zine about Kylie?! I stumbled across this fabulous oddity quite by accident but bought immediately. Glad I did. Being a huge Kylie fan, this was worth the affordable price ($6) and not-very quick (just being honest) shipping.

So what is the zine about actually? Cartoonist Eric Kostiuk Williams crafts an intersting loose story visualizing a few Kylie songs, the philosophy of Peter Kropotkin, and what Kylie’s music means to the author. The illustrations are well done in an interesting blend of semi-realistic and psychedelic drawings printed in eye-popping pink ink on white paper. The narrative works best as free association between the subjects across the 24 pages. There’s not really a plot, but that’s fine for a zine. It’s a cool piece of media examining a musician in a unique context and unusual medium. The art is trippy and fun to look at!

Great find for the Kylie fan who has everything! Per their website, “Ley Lines is a quarterly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us.” It’s an interesting take for a zine series; each issue being deicated to a different author/artist and subject. Cool stuff. Might have to pick up some of their other issues eventually. Anyway, if there’s any lovers out there reading this, use the link below to buy a copy! 🙂


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