Jerry Garcia (w/Pete Sears, Nick Gravenites and Animal Mind)
1990/04/29- San Francisco, CA, South of Market Cultural Center (INC)

1. Born in Chicago
2. Chicago Is Your Home
3. Tough as Nails
4. I’ll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle
5. Small Walk-In Box
6. introductions
7. Down in the Bottom
8. Get Together
9. Dekalb Blues
10. Instrumental

This is a great tape! The artist attribution is up for you to decide. Garcia is arguably guesting, though his guitar work (and unfortunately lack of vocals) is the centerpiece. I’m a huge deadhead, so I organized the metadata as Jerry Garcia because I honsetly am not that into blues and the other members. It is an interesting line-up. Awesome listen. Nice change of pace and pretty distinct from the rest of Garcia’s cannon. Enjoy!!qGwExaoI!B6aHWNbvTqaIpSMGm9DRbw

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