Easily a top-tier album from Donovan. I am a big fan overall, and I think he had a fantastic string of very half a dozen very unique and cohesive albums in the mid to late sixties. This may not have the iconic appeal of Sunshine Superman or the 60’s capstone feel of Barabajagal, but stands just as solidly and enjoyably.

From start to finish, The Hurdy Gurdy Man is a gentle psychedlic record with just enough variation. The title track opens with trippy bombast. “Pereguine” and “Tangier” touch on an interesting middle-eastern drone-vibe while “Get Thy Bearings” masquarades as a jazz tune. “The Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow” is a track that brings out the innocent child in even the most hardened adult. ‘Shy Girl’, ‘Recal’ and several others are perfect examples of baroque pop. The wife of a co-worker is even named after the infectiously catchy “Jennifer Juniper”.

This is always a delight to listen to. More than fifty years on, the colorful, innovative musical expressions of Donovan are still something magical! Highly recommended!

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