2005/09/15- Las Vegas, NV

1. Intro
2. Queer
3. Bad Boyfriend
4. Not My Idea
5. Sex Is Not the Enemy
6. Why Do You Love Me
7. Vow
8. Cherry Lips
9. Only Happy When It Rains
10. chat
11. Im Waiting for the Man
12. chat
13. Nobody Can Win
14. You Look So Fine
15. Metal Heart
16. Bleed Like Me
17. chat
18. Shut Your Mouth
19. When I Grow Up
20. chat
21. I Think I’m Paranoid
22. Push It
23. Supervixen
24. Right Between the Eyes
25. Stupid Girl
26. Wicked Ways
27. No.1 Crush
28. Silence Is Golden
29. Milk
30. Boys Wanna Fight

This is one of the last concerts from Garbage’s “Bleed Like Me Tour”, which was also their last before a seven year hiatus. For better or worse, you can tell. It’s a good show and sad to not have them for a long time after, but a rest was needed in retrospect.

Garbage has always had an interactive live persona, and it’s on full display here. The first half is tight, then it loosens up. There is an improptu haircut for a long-time fan. I’m sure part of the spectacle is lost without the visuals, fortunately this downtime allows for a cool cover of the Velvet Underground’s “I’m Waiting For The Man” from one of the guys in the band singing while Manson is playing barber! As the concert goes on, the band tries and aborts a few songs off the cuff before calling the night.

Not a smooth concert made for a live album and consumption from the masses, but a great Garbage set! Rock incarnate. In the moment and fun! Enjoy!!mSgUyC7T!hETKVo8qFHQCiDVCydDODw

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