Trans Van Santos
2017/03/02 a- Tucson, AZ, The Flycatcher

1. //Trans Van Santos 1
2. Trans Van Santos 2
3. Trans Van Santos 3
4. Trans Van Santos 4- Eyebrows
5. Trans Van Santos 5//

365MM Tape #18. Audience recording, standing, middle. Zoom H1 and Audio Reality Binural Microphones w/High Quality WAV->Audacity track divisions/labeling/dead air cut->MP3. First generation, uncirculated.

I was going through my taping notes to pick back where I had left off. Cross referencing to the files, I noticed not everything was right. Last year I had posted that I only taped silence at the Dead Meadow show. As it turns out, I actually had great quality recordings of the openers! Here’s the first, come back tomorrow for the next.

Unfortunately, the opening bands weren’t as good as the headliner I went there to see. At first listen, it’s decent psych-rock with a drone bent. The more you listen, the more pretentious it becomes. In fact, I feel like I should give a warning before you listen to “Eyebrows”. Oh, man! That opening is ear-gratingly cringey! As is some of the rather pandering, boujie dialogue between songs. Not a tape I’m going to re-listen to any time soon.

As ususal, I split the songs into individual tracks, but I’m not going to spend any more time trying to figure out the song titles. If you happen to know, drop a comment and I’ll update the setlist. Download link is below for anyone still interested and not scared off by my review.!jO5CkIbb!8Gn_Arb5QNofEix9ssZw4w