David Sylvian
2001/10/11- Vredenburg

1. Camphor
2. The Scent of Magnolia
3. Blackwater
4. God Man
5. I Surrender
6. Jean the Birdman
7. Midnight Sun
8. The Boy with the Gun
9. Orpheus
10. Waterfront
11. Heartbeat
12. Linoleum
13. Rooms of the Sixteen Shimmers
14. Ghosts
15. Pollen Path
16. Cover me with Flowers
17. Zero Landmine
18. Forbidden Colours
19. Introducing The Band
20. Krishna Blue
21. Nightporter
22. Bhajan
23. Red Guitar

Fantastic concert! Here, Sylvian is backed by a full band. The aural soundscapes are unbelievably evocative and deeply emersive. Enjoy!


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