A1: Mating Ritual – “Future Now”
A2: DYAN – “What Fiction Is For”
A3: NoMBe – “Wait”
A4: Gavin Turek – “WHITNEY”
A5: Isle & Fever – “ATG”
A6: Men I Trust – “Say, can you hear”

B1: Lizzy Land – “Losing My Head”
B2: Simen Mitlid – “Reality Tsars”
B3: Freedom Fry – “Zombie Love”
B4: Kris Gruen and The Bones of JR Jones – “Half-Way Down”
B5: Antoine Diligent – “Nobody Loves You (WYL)”
B6: Yeo – “Restless”

C1: Maple & Beech – “Side-Eye”
C2: Magic Bronson – “The Desert”
C3: Cape Francis – “Bloodlines”
C4: PowerPCMe – “Quiet Streets”
C5: Tamu Massif – “Woolf”
C6: Erki Pärnoja – “Eha”

D1: Scott Orr – “This Is How I Want To Feel Forever”
D2: Kan Wakan – “Miles Away (ft. Alexander Vincent)”
D3: Vilde – “Oh What A Mess You’ve Got Yourselves Into”
D4: Slow Dancing Society – “Spindles (Vinyl Moon Edit)”


  • Tip-on style gatefold jacket with custom design inspired by NASA flight records
  • Deluxe 12-page lyrics and art booklet with updates on each artist
  • 2xLP with blue stripe and red stripe on white vinyl
  • Custom Volume 50 iron-on patch
  • Intro letter


Visual Design: Nate Utesch


Double record! I’m also pleased to say I enjoyed a majority of the music. DYAN feels like a more intimate Arcade Fire, maybe. “Whitney” by Gavin Turek was the stand-out track though. Great voice! Kind of like a disco/Prince/Kylie sound. Gonna have to buy her record for sure! Isle & Fever is nice mellow-elctronic. Could swear I’d heard “Zombie Love” by Freedom Fry on the local radio before. Fun tune! I didn’t much care for Yeo’s “Restless”- not that into that style of rap. Well, that’s what stood out, good and bad. The rest was somewhere in the middle; from a variety of genres as diverse as a blues track, indie, and electronica.

I understand the design is to celebrate 50 releases. Red, white, and blue make a fine, dynamic color scheme. The “custom design inspired by NASA flight records” is ok. Nothing spectacular.  The vinyl themsels are cool, I’ll give them that. The iron-on patch is fine. I do have an old jacket with elbow patches that are ripping, so I might use it if it’s big enough.

This was a great volume and I recommend grabbing it. The website lists it at $30, the same as single disc releases from the line, so it’s a deal for the amount of music you get.

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