Grateful Dead
1969/12/10- Los Angeles, CA, Thema Theater (INC*)

1. //I Know You Rider
2. stage banter
3. //Black Peter
4. Me & My Uncle
5. Cold Rain & Snow
6. Mama Tried>
7. High Time
8. Easy Wind
9. tuning
10. Casey Jones
11. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
12. tuning
13. Morning Dew
14. Black Queen>
15. Turn on Your Lovelight//
16. Cryptical Envelopment>
17. Drums>
18. The Other One>
19. Cryptical reprise>
20. Cosmic Charlie//

This is the first of a three night run at the Thelma Theater. Portions of the following night, and the entirety of the last have been released as a Dave’s Picks. Understandably so; there are some electrifying performances there, and this tape has many cuts. It does, however, feature Stephen Stills performing “Black Queen”, which is a treat! Enjoy!!BeJ22IAK!ohLdp04-HBxW_fjX5RjK0w

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