Jefferson Airplane
1969/10/25- San Francisco, CA, Winterland

1. Somebody To Love
2. Young Girl Sunday Blues
3. Wooden Ships
4. Volunteers
5. Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon
6. Uncle Sam Blues
7. Fat Angel
8. Greasy Heart
9. Martha
10. The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil
11. Eskimo Blue Day
12. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
13. Mau Mau (Amerikon) Jam
14. The Other Side Of This Life

Great performance and quality! Airplane really delivers a great set filled with classics, deeper cuts, and a perview of what was to com on Blows Against The Empire– credited to Kantner, but really a JA extension subtracting Malin and including Garcia. Great stuff all around, plus come back tomorrow for the part 2 of this Winterland weekend special!!cTwgnI6a!W-D0W-m9h-yVRYFuEPvnVA

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