Grateful Dead
1969/12/05- San Francisco, CA, Fillmore West

1. Me & My Uncle
2. Casey Jones
3. Black Peter
4. Mama Tried
5. It Hurts Me Too
6. Cumberland Blues
7. Cryptical Envelopment>
8. Drums>
9. The Other One>
10. Cryptical reprise>
11. Cosmic Charlie
12. Dancing in the Streets
13. Dire Wolf
14. China Cat Sunflower>
15. I Know You Rider>
16. High Time
17. Uncle John’s Band Jam>
18. The Main Ten>
19. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

After the full debut of “Uncle John’s Band” the previous night, it’s strange to hear the song slip back into jam mode again. It is, however sequenced with “The Main Ten”, which is something. Appearing in ’68, here, and a few more times in 1970, the jam would eventually breakthrough as “Playing in the Band”. Cool to hear its primordial version.

All this talk about a section less than 5 minutes long towards the end might seem disengenious. It is contextually important though, and in a way, more interesting than the rest of the good concert that encompanies it.

It’s a good show, and definately one to have. Enjoy!!9a5R2SgD!ACqqJxSHJ24tM5NGigxXvA

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