Grateful Dead
1969/11/01- San Francisco, CA, Family Dog

1. Morning Dew
2. Dire Wolf>
3. Cold Rain & Snow
4. Hard to Handle
5. Mama Tried>
6. High Time
7. Good Lovin’
8. Easy Wind
9. He Was a Friend of Mine>
10. China Cat Sunflower>
11. I Know You Rider>
12. Casey Jones
13. Alligator>
14. Jam>
15. Uncle John’s Band Jam>
16. Turn on Your Lovelight

Another good show. Later ’69 is where “Uncle John’s Band” started to infiltrate the setlists. Here, as a jam between the closing Pigpen tunes. Nice to hear it pop in, even if only for a few minutes!!dHwjWSwJ!Kd1UaT36NHaJ4DtHhClWHw

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