Grateful Dead Bootleg Dubs

1. Step Dub
2. Stranger Dub
3. Comes a Time To Dub
4. Loser Dub
5. China Cat Dub
6. Esau Dub
7. Fresno 74 Dub

Based on the following performances:
1. Take A Step Back- 1978/04/07- Hollywood, FL, Sportatorium
2. The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)- 1972/03/21- New York, NY, Academy of Music
3. Comes A Time- 1986/05/11- Stanford, CA, Frost Amphitheatre
4. Loser- 1971/04/08- Boston, MA
5. China Cat Sunflower- 1973/09/11- Williamsburg VA, College of William and Mary
6. My Brother Esau- 1985/04/27- Stanford, CA, Frost Amphitheatre
7. Soundcheck Jam- 1974/07/19- Fresno, CA, Selland Arena

Well, this has been a long time in the making. Feels right for this year’s birthday post. I caught the dub-bug about a year or so ago. Hearing how the different elements of music could be separated, twisted, and reformed is fascinating to me.

I’m not personally musically inclined; I never learned an instrument, can’t get the feel of dancing, and am beyond embarrassed to sing. Still, I felt inspired to give dubbing a shot.

My first experiment was toying around with my new favorite album at the time- Arctic Monkeys’ Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino. After a few months bending it around Audacity, I completed my first dubs. It’s super rough but I enjoyed the experience and results!

That experiment really was just for myself. I don’t have the rights to post it and baring magical approval, it’ll never see the public light of day.

Still, somewhat empowered just from completing it, I got a crazy notion of creating a completely original dub album crafted from everyday sounds.

Despite an engaging and hopeful start, frustrations and difficulties began compounding over the months. Things just weren’t coming together as I had envisioned. Sometimes it’s best to concede a failure. Mark an end to an experiment and quit devoting time to perceived diminishing results. All the while, however, the side project I had also been working on now seemed the most viable, as far as what to show for all my playing around. I’m not profiting from this in any way, all the performances are circulating and not commercially available, and the trading of Grateful Dead recordings of that nature are considered fair use.

So, this is it. A dub E.P. of live, unreleased Grateful Dead. But even this is a compromised piece. Along the way, I was forced to remove 2 completed tracks (one became officially released and the other I realized was mislabeled and had been released a while ago). Would I try to replace those with different versions? No. I decided to close the book on this endeavor and post what I have, as it is.

I hope at least someone out there will give it a chance and enjoy my work. My wife fell asleep a few minutes in, if that’s any indication of my feedback so far. Dub and jam are not her forte, of course. I do welcome any comments!


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