Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane
1969/09/07- San Francisco, CA (FM)

1. Peggy Sue
2. That’ll Be The Day
3. Johnny B. Goode
4. Baby What You Want Me To Do
5. Wipe Out
6. Big Railroad Blues
7. Louie Louie
8. Twist And Shout
9. Blue Moon
10. David Gans Outro

With the exception of “Johnny B. Goode” and “Big Railroad Blues”, this set is compriesed of rarities and one-offs for both bands. While you might expect the two jam godfather groups to colaborate on dense, free-flowing music together, this performance comes as a different type of surprise. Just good old rock and roll, some surf/pop. Good, fun takes abound. Definate tape for fans of either band!!hD4HhAJS!v5XQe-XvAknnPgjH5XHSvw

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