The new F9 megamix from the expanded Step Back In Time best of Kylie Minogue has been in heavy rotation the last few days. Nicely done, but I wish it encompasses the entire 3rd disc instead of the preceding singles. Not that they are bad; “Some Kind of Bliss” was sorely missed from the original set, but combining them with the continuous mix is something of an economical conceit.

The undeniable highlight, though, is the mashup of “The One” and “Slow”, sequenced between an instrumental open and then segueing back to the standard. Absolutely phenomenal! Totally surprising but perfectly done! Check it out!

And if you need refreshing on the original versions:

So, if you were on the fence about double-dipping on a best-of that was released earlier this year (of songs you might already have owned anyway), here’s the reason. The megamix is worth it! Would I have rather they issued it separately? Yeah. Could you get it digitally cheaper? Yes. Still… ‘One/Slow’- just brilliant!

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