The Byrds
1969/06/15- San Francisco, CA, Lee Jeans Living Rock Concert (FM?)

1. Turn! Turn! Turn!
2. Ballad Of Easy Rider
3. It Won’t Be Wrong
4. The Water Is Wide
5. Mr Tambourine Man
6. Nashville West
7. Lover Of The Bayou
8. Jesus Is Just Alright
9. Jesus Is Just Alright
10. This Wheel’s On Fire
11. Jesus Is Just Alright
12. Eight Miles High
13. Break Song

I think this is an FM broadcast version, and oddly, there are a few ‘Jesus’. Have’d had much concern to sort it out, so if you have the run-down, pleas leave a comment. Otherwise, it’s a fair recording if you’d care for a listen. No spectacular performances and the quality is below average, to be honest.!kOgWAaBS!WFIBae0oLU_Rd7kC14AXoA

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